A Beginner's Guide
to the Safdie Brothers

Introducing the work of writer-director duo Josh and Benny Safdie. Created for LittleWhiteLies.

A Beginner's Guide
to Joanna Hogg

Looking back at the work of Joanna Hogg in anticipation of The Souvenir. Created for LittleWhiteLies.

Looking In at Howards End

Merchant-Ivory's classic British film is a key example of 'heritage cinema', a problematic genre that can mask social issues.

Created in response to Cinema Rediscovered: The State of Things Critic's Day at the Watershed in Bristol.

Giallo 101

A deep dive into the history, influences and legacy of giallo, an Italian horror genre beginning in the 1970s.

Women in Prison 101

An introduction to women in prison film, a sexploitation subgenre from the 1970s with extremely problematic content.